Create Cinema Quality Images at a Fraction of the Price

Creating high quality cinematic images is not just reserved for big budget movie studios anymore. New advancements in camera technology and accessories have led to more affordable solutions for creating a film-like image.

Here at DDA Video, we shoot on crystal clear HDV and for the most part it is great. The camera does well in all lighting situations, can record directly to a hard-drive and is portable enough to shoot handheld and on location. But there are some limitations to this otherwise versatile camera. Because of the lens size, it is difficult to achieve the shallow depth of field that is seen in virtually all motion pictures. This is when a certain subject is in focus, but the remainder of the frame remains out of focus, thus calling attention to important items on screen.

A company named Redrock has created a simple solution to this dilemma with the release of the Micro M2 35mm adapter. The adapter simply attaches to the lens of the video camera and mimics 35mm film. The result is video with a breathtaking depth of field and a stunning similarity to film. The only downside is that the adapter turns a very portable camera into something that is too large for hand-held applications. But that is OK since you are able to achieve film quality images at a fraction of the price.

Here at DDA Video, we keep up with all the latest advancements in video technology. Our video studio contains state of the art cameras and lighting as well as post production equipment with the capability to produce Blu-Ray DVDs and website videos. We even have the goodies that large movie studios use such as dollies and cranes. At DDA Video, nothing is out of reach. To see some examples of our work, check out our portfolio at