Creating Some Fireworks of Our Own

It is another Monday down here at DDA, and what a beautiful one at that! Seems like July is making up for the mass amounts of June rain with plenty of sun. This is a short week for me, as I will be heading down to the beach on Wednesday. Hopefully this weather will hold up throughout the rest of the week and I will be able to even out my farmer’s tan. Even though I am only here for two days, there is still much to be done.

The DDA Commercial is nearing completion. Rob is currently working on some flash and 3D animations that will act as the icing on the cake so to speak. The animations have been finely tuned and I am real pleased with how it has all come together. You notice something new each time you watch it.

Aside from that, we are still working on the promotional DVD for the physical therapy chain as well. We are really chugging along and have almost half of the chapters completed. This is another project that has come a long way since its inception and the final product should really help this company reach out to new clients.

We also have been doing a large amount of digital photography for a variety of clients. Everything from flowerpots to hand bags to party hats and more. There is still more on the way as our friend Leo is scheduled to come in tomorrow with another product to be photographed.

In the meantime, check out to see what else we have been working on!