CS4 Gives You More

There seems to be quite a buzz around Adobe CS4 which just began shipping last week. The majority of the production package is the same as its predecessor, but there are a couple of very innovative improvements. The biggest breakthrough is the speech recognition feature in Adobe premiere. This tool will take any video clip and convert the audio track into text. You then can just enter any keyword and it will take you to where it appears in the video. This will save boatloads of time, especially with editing long speaking segments of video where not much is going on. A batch rendering interface has also been added to the suite which has been a long time coming. Finally, multiple renders in Premiere can be left unattended to automatically finish. Also, added inter-program compatibility has been enhanced especially between Premiere and Photoshop. You can finally import entire video clips into Photoshop and work with them frame by frame. This will be very helpful in making precision adjustments. Upgrading to this new version should improve any work flow. Just check out what we did with CS3 right here in Philadelphia! – http://www.ddavideo.com.