CS4 To Be Released Next Month

Rumor has it that Adobe will be releasing their CS4 production package next month. It seems like just yesterday we were upgrading to CS3 here at the studio. Boy, time sure does fly. As always, Adobe has come up with some really cool additions to help them compete with Apple’s production package. One of the most interesting developments is the addition of Speech Search in Premiere. Apparently, you will be able to type in any word that is spoken in the dialogue of the video, and the tool will find the exact point that word is said. Pretty darn cool! This feature will be quite the time saver when combing through the hours of raw video we sometimes get with our video production projects. Another strong addition to Premiere is the ability to work with video files in Photoshop and vice-versa. This makes frame by frame adjustments easy as pie since you don’t have to render it out as a movie clip first! Other programs have improvements as well including the under-used Soundbooth and On Location, whose interfaces got a bit of a face lift to look more similar to the other Adobe programs. All in all, it is shaping up to be a solid release for Adobe!