Dazzling the Eye

We have just returned refreshed from a nice extended 4th of July weekend. The weather was gorgeous, so I made sure to take advantage of it and spent the majority of the time outside. All kinds of good old fashioned summer fun including BBQs, yard sales, swimming and fireworks. It was definitely a good time.

Over at DDA Video, we are working on a number of projects that will dazzle the eye much like those 4th of July fireworks. The DDA commercial is in its final stages as Carrie has completed the last of the video designs and Rob is working on some flash and 3D animations. Once everything is fine tuned, this is sure to be one of the coolest videos that I have worked on.

We also are continuing work on a lengthy promotional DVD for a local chain of physical therapy providers. The DVD consists of 10 chapters which explain every aspect of the company through video, images, and animation. Nancy, from out actors network is there every step of the way to guide the viewer through each chapter. This video combines footage shot in our video studio and on location at several of the clients offices.