DDA Caters to Clients From All Over The Globe

Here at DDA, we deal with clients from all over the globe. Our Southampton location is convenient for clients from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware that wish to visit, but clients located further away can’t always be present in the studio for video shoots and voice-over recordings. That never stopped us in the past though as we would just send the client mp3 files of the takes and make changes based on their feedback. This method works well, but can be a bit time consuming. We know your time is valuable so we took steps to make this process much quicker. Recently, we purchased a telephone audio interface that allows us to send the client a feed directly from our sound booth so they can listen to each take in real time and give prompt feedback. It is like the client is sitting right there in the studio! The client then chooses their favorite take and the process is complete! Just another way DDA is a step above the rest.