DDA CMT Makes Training Easy

The past two days have been quite crazy over here at DDA Video. On Monday we had a photo shoot for some lovely brass sinks. I definitely want one for my bathroom! We also took some photos of brass mirrors. This was my first time attempting to photograph a mirror, so it took some experimenting to keep myself out of the shot. Propping up the mirrors also proved to be difficult, but as always, I developed a system and they turned out great.

Monday also saw the completion of the intro video for DDA CMT, our corporate and medical training division. This video features the latest in video production technology such as motion tracking, 3-d animation, animated visuals, sound effects and voice over. It was important to incorporate all these different techniques since DDA CMT offers so many services. Everything from training videos, web-casts, applications, quizzes and games are offered. We even do medical training!

Yesterday saw the whole office feverishly working on 2 content heavy websites that are preparing to launch. The first is a website for a testing machine manufacturer and features all sorts of goodies including an interactive flash selector tool. The second is a virtual trade show for an auto parts manufacturer that allows the user to spin the booth, zoom in on pictures, and access a wealth of information on each product.

I am sure that today will be no different so I must be going! Keep an eye on our portfolio for the latest projects!