DDA is Alive With the Sound of Projects

Today I returned from a lovely little vacation to find DDA alive with the hustle and bustle of new projects.  The first of which is a CD-ROM for a bell manufacturer.  The CD-ROM features a video that highlights bell maintenance and repair, images of the bells in action, and audio samples of the bells in use.  The CD-ROM interface features graphic design by Judy, who did a great job.  The deadline on this one was tight and everyone did a great job of coming together to make sure it was completed.

Also in the works is a new website for a mortgage company featuring modeling by Jess and a voice-over narration by yours truly.  This website uses flash animation synced to a voice-over to help guide the user through the site and explain the company.

We continue to chug along with the promotional DVD for the physical therapy chain.  Currently, we only have 5 chapters left to complete.  Each chapter covers a different aspect of the company’s program using animated graphics and text, on location video and a video spokesperson.

The DDA Commercial is nearing completion, with just a few animations in the works.  In the mean time, head on over to zeroonezero.com to see what else we have been working on.