DDA Keeps It Real in HD

Yesterday I was looking over some older footage that was shot on standard definition Mini DV. A few years ago Mini DV was blowing minds, not only with its crystal clear quality, but with the size of its cameras as well. And compared to inferior analog formats such as Hi8, it was infinitely better. The world of digital video editing was blown wide open with programs like Avid and I fell in love with the whole process.

But now it is 2008 and what once seemed like the greatest thing since sliced bread, has been vastly improved. HDV is quickly phasing out all Mini DV and with good cause. The resolution is doubled which allows distortion free zooming and cropping in post production. Since the video is scaled down to fit the standard 720×480 video size, it is even sharper than before! And since the actual pixels are wider, the user is able to use more of the frame for composing shots. I don’t know how we ever lived without it. Here at DDA Video, we shoot everything in crystal clear HD so you can be assured the highest quality for your next video project. Just check out the DDA Video portfolio to see HD video in action!