DDA Medical Website and Video Production

This week we have really been working hard on getting the new DDA Medical website up and running. We have been adding content over the past few days and it shouldn’t be long now before the site is ready to go live. The site features over 40 videos of our spokesperson Jess explaining each section and helping to guide the user through the many sections. It also features samples of over 100 different projects to give the user an idea of our full range of capabilities. The user can then add certain projects or videos they like to a library where they can easily be accessed later. All the content is packaged in a neat animated flash interface. You’ve never seen website design like this before!

We also have been working on videos for a physical therapy chain as well as a hospital in New York city.

On Tuesday, we had a video shoot for some additions to a physical therapy video that we have been working on. The video will be a multi-chapter DVD that covers all aspects of the company and features graphic animation and a video spokesperson. Chapter 1 is already complete and is really eye catching!

The video for the hospital in New York is still in the story boarding stages, but as you may remember we were on location filming for it last week and got some great footage! I am very excited to see these videos in their final form.

Well, that is all for today. Check back next week for the latest goings on in the DDA Video universe!