DDA Medical.com gets an overhaul

DDA Medical has grown significantly over the years. The amount of medical clients has been increasing so we figured it was time for DDA Medical’s website to get a complete overhaul. The site still looks great but our web designers are currently building a site with a sleek, new design and some really cool features. The current site has several spokesperson videos featuring Jess describing the various services that DDA Medical has to offer. Since that list has grown considerably, today we will be filming a new spokesperson video that will be integrated into the website. These videos will welcome the visitor to the site and inform them of new services and capabilities that only DDA Medical has to offer. In addition, we will also be updating the portfolio with the latest medical videos, websites, and graphics that we have completed. The site should be up soon, but in the meantime you can check out the current one at DDAMedical.com.