DDA Video Heads to Maryland

Today I will be packing our gear up for an on location video shoot in Maryland on Monday.  The shoot is for a well known window installation company to show the ins and outs of their installation process.  The shoot will take place in 2 separate locations over the course of 2 days and will eventually be cut into four 4 minute videos.  We will be taking 2 cameras as well as our camera crane which will allow us to reach to high windows while at the same time capturing a variety of beauty shots.  During the shoot, a company spokesperson will be on hand to give notes via microphone which our copywriters will turn into a script for voice-over.  A photographer will also be on hand to shoot digital photos of the entire process.  Over the course of the two days we will probably collect over 10 hours of footage which our talented video editing staff will condense into 16 minutes.

On location shooting is a nice change of pace, but it also can be stressful since many shots cannot be retaken.  In the case of window installation, once something is cut or screwed into place, the installer cannot do it over so it is important to get the right shot every time.  No worries though, as DDA’s video crew has shot video all over the country; from Maine to Florida, California and everywhere in between.  If there is video to be shot, we’ll be there.