DDA Video on Fox News

Brrr! Fall is definitely here in Southampton Pennsylvania! The outside thermometer is showing a brisk 36 degrees and a layer of frost has settled on the playing fields a few doors down. The sun is just beginning to break through and hopefully warm everything up. I am reading an e-mail from Amy who says that a portion of our video for Trauma Cure (#2) was played on Fox news this weekend! It looks like their product is being sent to Iraq now to help cut down on soldier casualties. Very exciting indeed.

It also appears that we will have some on location shooting going on this week for a video we have been working on for a physical therapy chain. It will be nice to finally get some footage to work with for this project as the scope has changed several times. It is sounding like it will be better than ever now and really turn heads when it is completed.

We finally completed the interactive and informative sexual health website last week and it is awaiting client approval. The project itself looks fantastic! It has a real live spokesperson video on screen as well as an animated flash magazine with all sorts of pictures and info. It is always nice to work on a project of that nature because you know it is giving people information that is extremely beneficial to their every day lives.

For now it seems I will continue refining the CMT videos and continue integrating some spokesperson videos into a client’s new website that we designed. Catch ya later!