Do a 360!

Yesterday, we had a large floor cleaning machine in the studio that was to get the 360 degree rotation treatment. The 360 degree rotation treatment is when we take 36 digital photos from the same angle of an object but rotate the object 10 degrees for every picture. We then crop out the background in Photoshop and import the images into a program called VR Worx. VR works is a program that allows you to create panoramic images and 360 degree rotating images. All 36 images are compressed into a quicktime movie that has special controls built right in. These controls allow the user to have total control of where they want the camera to be pointing. The user can rotate and zoom the object so as to see it as if it was sitting right in front of them. This quicktime movie can then be embedded into the product’s website to allow users to see much more than your standard 2d picture. It is definitely a nice way to put big things in small packages!