DVD Authoring

A stylish, animated, interactive DVD menu can add a lot to a video project. It is the first thing the viewer sees when they pop the disc into their player. It needs to capture their attention with stylish design, movement and sound. It also needs to be easy to navigate for all ages.

Here at DDA, we use Adobe Encore to compose our DVDs, which offers many more possibilities and customization options than a standard template based program. Encore works side by side with Adobe Photoshop to allow the composer to apply advanced design capabilities to backgrounds and buttons. It also works with Adobe After Effects allowing the user to use moving video as backgrounds or buttons as well.

Navigation is not a problem either, as the user has full control of when videos play and what plays after them. This allows the user to create interactive discs where the viewer has complete control of where they want to go. With Adobe Encore the possibilities are endless!