End of the Line

Last night we sent the mockumentary video to the client in DVD format. This is so they can test them on their TVs and DVD players as well as catch any changes that were not spotted on the low resolution WMV proofs. The client will be playing the DVDs on 9 wide screen TVs set up in a 3×3 formation to make one giant wide screen TV. All this will take place at a trade show. I definitely think that this will help set them apart from all the other companies and really allow people to gain an understanding of who the company is and what they do.

Today we will be making the final edits and sending out the final DVDs so they will have them for the trade show on Friday. The client really has been a pleasure to work with and we hope to do another project with them in the near future. Look for the video at http://www.ddavideo.com soon!