Extreme Capability

Here at DDA Video, we take pride in our extreme capability. With a team of videographers, editors, flash animators and 3d animators, DDA video isn’t your typical video production company. Because of our wide range of talents, we can offer services that no other company can. Aside from typical DVD and Blu-Ray production, we also offer integrated web video, interactive CD-ROMs, video for iPods and PDAs, games, training tools and much more. With a full service video studio in house, and a talented network of actors, we can produce the entire product within the comfort of DDA headquarters. If your project requires going on location, DDA can do that as well since the majority of our video equipment is very portable. With so much talent and so many possibilities, there is no reason not to choose DDA Video for all your video production services and beyond. If you can dream it, we can create it. Check out DDAVideo.com to see our past projects.