Finding Video On The Web Just Got Easier

Let’s face it. If you want to watch a video of something, chances are that it is online somewhere. The problem is finding it. Years ago, before video cameras were in cell phones and YouTube was a widely known entity, finding a video online was a lot easier. Only those who knew about capturing and compressing video could put videos online so there was a lot less clutter to sift through. These days, anyone can post a video of themselves blogging about how horrible their life is or singing along to their favorite song. And that is great. But people also love attention. In order to get it they add popular meta tags to their videos that have nothing to do with the actual video, but are commonly searched. The result: A search that yields thousands of horrible unrelated videos to sift through.

Well, all that is changing now. A new site called searches all the popular video sites such as YouTube, and creates search results not based on meta tags, but based on what is actually seen in the video. This ensures that the video actually contains what you are searching for, leaving fake taggers in the dust. The results also provide a filmstrip showing frames from the entirety of the clip. This allows you to see the content of a several minute long clip in a matter of seconds. There are still some bugs to be worked out, but this site should make finding video on the web much less of a headache.

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