Flash Video Compression For The Web

Here at DDA, many of our video production projects are web-based. This means that we need to compress the finished product into a smaller size and format that will be quickly and easily accessed by the viewer. The best way to to this is through Flash video in the FLV format. There are many benefits to using FLV format for web based video. The main benefit is the fact that FLV video files are significantly smaller than other formats such as Quicktimes’s MOV, which is the largest, Window’s WMV and Real’s RM. Another benefit is the quality. FLV videos at low bit rates such as 300 kb/s look and sound crystal clear as opposed to other formats which can appear pixelated and muddy. Finally, the most important benefit is that 99% of the people who surf the Internet already have the plug-ins required to view FLV video. If they do not, a script will take them to the download site. No other software is required. Because if your viewer does not have the capabilities to see the video, there is no real point right?