Getting The Most Out of Your Video

When it comes to video production, most companies give the client a DVD and send them on their way. A DVD is all well and good for some things, but there are so many more options for getting folks to see your video. It just so happens that most video production companies don’t offer the variety of services that we do.

Since we offer website design and programming services, we could design a website for you that has the video integrated into it. Another option would be inserting the video into an interactive CD-ROM by our Flash animators. DDA also offers streaming video services for live webcasts of presentations, meetings or whatever you need people from around the globe to see. If you have your heart set on DVD, maybe think about switching to Blu-Ray, the high definition future of DVD!

Head on over to to see the many different video projects we have completed in the past and then head over to to see the many other services we offer!