Getting to Know Software

We will soon begin working with the new SynthEyes software, so I have been running some tests and getting familiar with it. The software is really quite intelligent and does many of its calculations automatically. Not only can the software be used for camera tracking, but it also does image stabilization, lens distortion compensation, nodal solving, and motion capture. The camera tracking will create a Lightwave scene that adjusts camera motion when adding 3d objects into the scene. This will be used for the upcoming DDA CMT web video. Image stabilization is useful for stabilizing hand held shots or wobbly pans and zooms. Distortion compensation is used when dealing with shots where a wide angle or other distorting lens is used. Nodal solving is used when dealing with shots when a tripod is used to pan. And finally, motion tracking is used in conjunction with multiple cameras to create motion paths for animated characters and faces. This software opens up a whole new set of possibilities so I can’t wait to see what we can use it for next!