Ghost Sightings In The Video Studio

Yesterday we shot 6 videos for an interactive web tool here in the studio. The tool is meant to educate, so there was a wealth of content which needed to be conveyed. The result was a long day of shooting. Also, the actress needed to continuously start from the same position so we rigged up a “ghost” to be shown on the teleprompter. The ghost is simply a still image of how the actress needed to stand loaded into Adobe Ultra. We then ran the live feed into Ultra and keyed out the original image. Voila! The actress is able to see her live self as well as her “ghost” self which allowed her to get in the same position each time. Props to Laurence for this simple and effective solution.

The footage now needs to be keyed, color corrected and adjusted in After Effects so Rob can incorporate it into the Flash model that he has been working on. It is very rewarding working on educational tools like this because you know that you are providing people with knowledge that they may not have been able to find elsewhere. The final product should look really cool!