HD Gets Beefy

Rumors of a new camera called The RED have been circulating for quite some time now. The camera’s creators have been making claims that it will revolutionize HD video, but no one had seen a finished project shot with the camera; until now. As post production wraps up on hundreds of shoots, people are beginning to see that The RED isn’t all talk. The main draw of The RED is its ability to shoot cinema quality 4k images (4096×2304) at an affordable price ($18,000 for the body, $25,000 for the full rig). As if film wasn’t already in trouble, this will give even more filmmakers a viable alternative to shooting in 35 mm.

One of the problems the camera has is that the files that it produces are massive. The camera records directly to a flash card that holds only 4 minutes of footage or 2 RAM drives that hold 32 minutes. And once you have the footage on the drive, getting it into your editing system is a whole other issue. The company that produces RED has been working with Apple so Final Cut should be able to read the RED’s quicktime reference files. Those who use other post production formats may have some time to wait.