I Was Working in The Lab Late One Night

Holey moley can you believe that Halloween is just 3 days away? Time sure has been flying lately and I still don’t have a costume! I did however carve a pumpkin the other night so I guess that makes up for it. Anyway, as fall begins to remind us of its presence more and more each day, we are also reminded of our work load by our task lists, which still have a decent amount of projects awaiting completion.

Yesterday we finished the final videos for the CD-ROM catalog we have been working on. All that is left is integrating them into the Flash and the project will be complete. Some minor revisions also need to be made to the interactive online sexual health learning tool before that is made live. The financial website that we designed and did a spokesperson video for is nearing completion as well. Once we get these projects out of the way we can begin to focus on newer ones such as the promotional DVD that we just shot on location video for!