I’m Seeing Silhouettes

Yesterday, we resumed working on a website spokesperson video that had been on hold for quite some time. The video makes use of the silhouette video, which we originally created with our DDA Medical site in 2004 and was an effect later popularized by Apple’s iPod commercials. Creating a silhouette video is quite simple really. Just shoot your subject on green screen making sure the screen is well lit. Also, make sure that the area around the subject is well lit to avoid any shadow spillovers. Next, you will want to bring your footage into After Effects and use the keylight plugin to key out the subject. The keylight program works great compared to premiere’s keyer, just make sure to use the matte setting to get optimal results. Once keyed, use the levels effect to completely black out the subject. Finally, you can use the colorama effect to colorize the silhouette. The result is a simple and cool effect that does not take much time at all.