In The Studio and On Location

Today we will be shooting more videos of emergency warning lights in action for a CD-ROM catalog and website that we have been working on for several months now. It seems this project just kept growing and growing until we had quite a beefy catalog; complete with spokesperson videos, product videos, interactivity, sounds and images. The whole thing is quite impressive and should really help boost sales since now the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing. These last few lights should be the final remaining additions that need to be made before the website becomes live and thousands of auto enthusiasts open their mailboxes to find a CD-ROM filled with all kinds of goodies.

Another shoot is scheduled for tomorrow. This time we will be going on location in Wilmington, Delaware; not far from my hometown. Laurence and I will be filming various shots at two different physical therapy offices. We will then use this footage along with studio footage for a promotional DVD that is in the works.