In The Works

Another Monday is upon us and I find myself trying to organize the growing list of projects in the works. This week is particularly busy with both a video shoot and a voice over recording. That makes 10 different projects on my task list! Granted, most of them are either nearing completion or still in their infancy, but it is still a lot to keep track of.

I shot a few rotating ring videos in various scenarios and they look great! I am still fine tuning the process, so I will spend a bit more time on them today. These videos will be a bit more complex than the charm videos as we will be showing the ring from two different angles and adding sparkle effects to really make them jump out of the screen at you.

The CMT web videos are still in the works and they have gotten a bit more complex as well with the addition of some scrolling imagery in the background. Rob has been hard at work with the lip-syncing of the seal. I can’t wait to see it!