Interactive CD-ROM Catalogs

Recently, we completed a CD-ROM catalog for a client in New York. The project had started off quite modestly, but as the client learned of our many services, it began to grow. It features several spokesperson videos that showcase certain products and give the user some background about the company. It also features videos of just the products themselves, functioning in a variety of settings. All products have a full color image and description and the majority of the products even have sounds. The goal was to give the user as much information as possible so they can make a well educated decision on their purchase. Basically, it is a mail order shopper’s dream.

The one thing a CD-ROM catalog offers that a paper catalog does not is interactivity. The user is free to watch video, choose the color of the product they are watching, play sounds and much more. Basically, the interactivity assures that the user is engaged and entertained. This increases interest in products and in turn, increases sales. To check out a video of the catalog in question, check out out portfolio.