Jewelry Spins Return

We arrived at DDA this morning to freshly fallen snow. Though only a dusting, it is the most we have gotten this season so far. DDA’s surrounding woods have been turned into a winter wonderland without turning the roads into a winter pain in the neck. It is the perfect scenario. Anyway, this week’s time will be split up between several projects.

After a brief hiatus, the 360 degree rotating jewelry videos have returned. This time they aren’t charms, but rings. Like the charms, a system will have to be worked out that is both efficient and visually pleasing. We ordered some LCD bulbs and a star filter to make the rings really sparkle. Some of these bad boys are quite expensive so it is important to make them look their best.

Also, we will continue work on the DVD for the physical therapy chain. The DVD has gotten a new design thanks to Carrie and is really looking cool. The video combines on location and studio footage with video animations and silhouettes. It is sure to turn heads.

Finally, more videos for DDA CMT are in production and should be completed soon. These videos combine motion tracking, 3-d animation and a video spokesperson for a truly stimulating user experience.

That’s all for now. See ya later!