Keeping Cool In The Heart of Summer

Over the past few months, the outside temperature has been rising steadily.  Now I’m not complaining; I love summer and am not afraid of a little heat, but on some days we seemed to be baking in the video studio despite the constant hum of the air conditioner.  It turns out that the ceiling was completely uninsulated!  The cool air was floating right up through the drop ceiling and into the atmosphere.  I took a trip up to the second floor and it was even worse.  Unbearable even.  If something was not done, we would lose massive amounts of money to heating and cooling costs, not to mention the comfort of the staff.  So over the past week a great crew of guys has been here insulating all the ceilings in the entire building.  Today, they are in the video studio so Rob and I have been temporarily relocated to the large main room.  We have moved everything out (for the second time in 6 months!) to give the guys space to work.  It was a bit of a pain, but the payoff will be huge.  And I hear they are soundproofing the air conditioner as well!  Here are some pictures of the progress: