Kids In Hats, Seals In 3D

Hello, and welcome to the start of another week here at the DDA video studio. Last week we ended with a party hats photo shoot with an adorable little toddler. It was a challenge working with someone so young since it was obvious that there were other places she would rather be. But with the help of a glazed doughnut, we were able to snap some really cute shots. We will also be shooting some photos of just the hats themselves this week. The photos will appear in a mail order catalog that is currently being designed.

Last week, we also resumed work on the DDA CMT videos. You know, the ones with the animated SEAL and IS played by the very talented Elliot. Currently, we have the 3 main videos completed, but there are still 12 other videos that will eventually make their way to the site. The videos combine 3D animation, motion tracking, graphic animation and a live actor. Check out to see the videos that we already have completed.

In other news, we are preparing a special treat to help celebrate the 4th of July holiday that is rapidly approaching. It is sure to make you proud to be an American. More info on that as it develops.