Learning New Skills

Because of DDA’s vast list of services and incredibly talented staff, it is inevitable that certain skills will eventually rub off on you. I think all of my video production and post production skills have improved since I have been here, but knowledge in other areas has been gained as well. Just last week I was mocking up a beauty shot of a floor cleaning machine and thanks to Laurence, I learned the benefits of using the pen tool to mask images rather than the selection tool to erase. My Photoshop and design skills have vastly improved and I am now more proficient with the program than ever. This proficiency also leads to productivity, because the more you learn about a program, the more shortcuts and time savers you discover. Knowledge has also been gained about programs that I had little to no exposure to previously such as Dreamweaver and Flash. It is important to keep up with these types of programs as web video is becoming more and more utilized.