Lighting Goes Green

Companies all over the globe are beginning to do their part by going green. DDA has been doing their part for years by recycling and having a 4 day work week. Now even light manufacturers are beginning to make more and more efficient light sources for video shoots. Currently, many of the new products are smaller lights that attach to the camera, but hopefully the technology will carry over to larger studio lights.

The first product is the Rosco Lightpad. The Lightpad uses LED technology which allows for a very compact, soft light that gives off virtually no heat and uses only 3.6 watts of power. These pads will last for over 100,000 hours and can be used for anything from 3 point lighting to interior lighting in a car. Granted it isn’t a lot of light, but the technology shows promise.

The next product is the Anton/Bauer Ultra Daylight. This is a standard tungsten light that mounts to the camera, but it is able to pull it’s power from the camera’s battery. This saves on waste as the camera’s batteries are rechargeable.

Finally, we have the IDX X-5 which is another LED light outputs 50 watts of power while only actually using 13 watts. It will last over 10,000 hours and even has a built in dimmer which allows you to soften the light without changing the color temperature.

LED seems to be the future of video production lighting. Hopefully we will see this trend carry over to larger lighting schemes which will save boatloads of energy.