Live From Tampa, Florida, a Streaming Medical Webcast!

Today is an exciting day for DDA Video and DDA Medical. Currently, one of our video crews is in Tampa, Florida setting up a medical video webcast for a spinal surgery company who is having various lectures on the subject. DDA will be using its streaming flash server to broadcast the lecture to countless individuals all over the world.

The webcast itself features a live streaming video feed of the speaker, high resolution images of the speaker’s PowerPoint presentation, and audience members can even type questions to ask the speaker live! The whole presentation will also be recorded to hard drive so that the footage may be used for other projects at a later date.

Streaming video webcasts are the easiest way to reach countless viewers from all over the world. Webcasts are very simple to access and require no additional software, just a web browser. Plus, DDA webcasts are customizable, so you may tweak frame rate and data rate settings to get smooth playing video no matter what your Internet connection. For more information, check out