Making Good Progress

Thursday’s video shoot at the physical therapy offices went very well! We shot at 2 separate locations gathering both beauty shots of the facilities and staged patient/doctor scenarios. We shot for a total of about 3 hours and ended up with about 1 hour of footage. Not too shabby! We made sure to get a diverse array of shots as you can never have too much footage with a project of this length. Andrew even took some digital photography. We also will be filming some scenarios in front of the green screen as well as a spokesperson for the video right here in our studio. In the meantime, I will begin editing the footage we do have and begin to figure out where it will appear in the final product.

The light videos we shot last Wednesday are also coming along smoothly. We just need to process a few more combinations and then integrate them into the flash animation. These videos will be the final addition to a CD-ROM catalog that we have been working on for several months now. Once complete, this CD-ROM will be sent out to vendors all over the U.S.!