Medical Videos Of All Types

Today our good friend Steve from our actor’s network is coming in to record some voice-over for the footage that we shot in Maine several months ago.  The footage is being added to a medical video of an operation that we had worked on about a year ago.  Steve had originally done the voice-over for that video in our old studio.  He did a great job with some of the medical terminology.  It shouldn’t take long as it is only a few lines, but it will help tie in the new interview footage.

DDA has been creating medical videos for many years now.  If you head on over to DDA Medical you will see all kinds of different medical related projects that we have worked on.  Everything from medical CD-ROMs and DVDs, medical web videos, medical animations, and medical trade show booths to medical websites and graphic design.  Our writing team also has the know-how to write medical content for video, print, or web.  Check out the portfolio!