Medical Webcasts to Website Design and Everything In Between

We have a lot of projects in different stages to report on here at DDA Video.

The streaming medical video webcast that we did last week for a spinal surgery company went off without a hitch and currently we are in the process of turning the footage into a video synced to PowerPoint. This presentation is chock full of useful information so turning it into a video so it can be featured on a DVD, CD-ROM or website is a great idea.

Next, we are very close to launching a new website for a longtime client that manufactures singing snack bowls, candy jars and flower pots. The site features a very user friendly and eye catching interface as well as various integrated video and audio clips of all the products. When you see this website, you will want to buy them all!

Moving right along, we have a website video that we have been working on for a well known hospital in New York City. We are designing their website and thought it would be a good idea to produce a video that highlights what makes them special. For this project, DDA Video went on location to New York City to film at the client’s facility.

Finally, we have the ultra-hip, super modern, never-seen-anything-like-it DDA Medical website. We have been adding content to this site for quite some time and it is almost complete. It features over 50 videos and over 260 samples of medical-related work. This site has been our pride and joy and you won’t be disappointed when it goes live.