Medical Website Videos and Animated Commercials

After several long days of shooting, we have all the necessary footage for the new DDA Medical website videos. Jess did a great job and like a true pro gave 100% on every take. Debbie was also extremely helpful by operating the teleprompter, making script changes and giving a second opinion on takes. In all, there are 44 different videos that will play in each of the websites sections to help guide the user through DDA Medical’s many services. The website itself is incredibly cutting edge and built using flash animation. It has a series of windows that can be opened and closed as well as a “my library” tool which lets you save portions of the site to a separate area for later viewing. It is going to change the way you view the web!

Progress has also been made on the DDA Commercial. Carrie has created some great designs for the look and feel of the video while Rob and I have been working on the timing of the animation. I got into the sound booth to record a rough voice-over that we can use as a guide. I think it sounds pretty good! Perhaps I have a future career as a voice actor. I’ll keep you updated as more info on the video materializes. See ya soon!