Medical Website Videos Give You The Leg Up On The Competition

Its a frosty cold morning here at DDA Video. My thermometer is reading 24 degrees and that is without the wind chill. These cold, dark mornings make starting the day extra difficult and I have begun my countdown to spring.

We are staying warm by keeping busy here in the studio. Last week was extra busy as we had a long day of voice-over recording with 5 different actors on Tuesday. These voice-overs are for a medical website we are developing for a new condom manufacturer. The content made everyone a little uncomfortable at first, but we soon overcame our shyness and just had fun with it.

DDA is always developing medical websites with integrated audio and video. Everything from medical website spokespeople to medical procedure videos can be added to a website to get information out to a wide range of viewers. DDA Video even created a YouTube style educational videos for a medical information website. The possibilities are endless, so check out DDA Medical for more info!