Meet Us

The newest batch of the Meet DDA web videos has been completed. It was a long process, but we have finished creating 23 unique videos for each member of DDA. Vinnie is currently hard at work integrating them into the flash animation. The videos are rather simple, all shot on a white background with the subject sitting facing the camera or 3/4 profile. Since we shot in HD, I was able to play around with the framing and zooming quite a bit so many videos have closeups. HD is 1440×1080 resolution and the meet DDA videos end up being 370×274 so there was plenty of extra video space to work with. This technique was also used in the nanny recruiting video.

We decided to scrap the cutaway idea since it wasn’t creating the effect we wanted. This was probably a good thing because it was a bit of a pain syncing up the 2 videos. Perhaps the coolest part about the Meet DDA videos is the morphing. I had mentioned in an earlier entry how we are using the program “Squirlz” to morph the cartoon DDAers with their video selves. The user simply rolls over the thumbnail of the DDA staffer if their choice and the staffer morphs from cartoon to human and introduces themselves. The result is sometimes creepy (especially if you pause half way) but always entertaining. Look for the new site to be up any day now!