Morphing With Squirlz

Since we have got a few projects in their final stages this week, I finally have the chance to work on the new meet DDA videos. We shot all the videos a few weeks ago and now comes the task of processing and editing 24 different pieces. Some folks were a bit camera shy, but everyone did a great job and I think the final product will look great.

Mick came to me with a good idea to add into the videos. Since there are already uncanny illustrations on the Meet DDA page already, why not have the picture morph from illustration to video? I had never done morphing before and it can be done in After Effects, but it is a bit time consuming. So I searched for a free program that does the majority of the work for you. I found “Squirlz Morph” which is a freeware program that just does image morphing. You simply select a number of identifiable points on one image (eyes, ears, nose mouth) and then move those same points to the same features on the other image. The program then creates an avi file that can be imported into after effects. Look for some cool morphing in some other projects in the future!