Motion Tracking In After Effects

I am finally coming to the end of my 360-degree rotation jewelry videos. Over the past few months I have filmed and processed over 850 spinning pieces of jewelry and prepared them for web. It would have been impossible to get such successful results had I not had the help of an amazing program called Adobe After Effects. The features in Adobe After Effects are pretty much endless and it allows you to manipulate video in ways you could only imagine. Aside from color correction and moving masks, one of the most helpful features during this project was the motion tracker.

Since a motor was spinning a string that was attached to the jewelry, the subject had quite a bit of movement to it. I was able to reduce the movement by using the motion tracker. You simply choose 1 or 2 distinct points in the video, hit play, and let motion tracker do the rest. It will follow the points and move the video accordingly. 2 points were needed for these particular subjects since they were rotating, but it was still quite effective. With Adobe After Effects motion tracker, say goodbye to shaky video forever!