Multitasking 101

Yesterday was quite a busy day here at DDA Video. We worked diligently on about 5 different projects that were nearing completion. These included a spokesperson video and website for a well known publisher, a spokesperson video for a financial consultant, a splash page video for a new social networking site and a training flash animation for a medical device manufacturer. Things got even crazier when we found out a new website had to be live by the end of the day; but it was launched no problem.

In equipment news, we just picked up a sweet new rain slicker for the camera. We have a video shoot involving lots of water coming up so that will be invaluable in protecting our precious Sony. Oh yeah, apparently we just purchased a new truck that will be eventually be converted into the DDA Mobile Video Command Post or DDAMVCP for short. This beefy vehicle is currently sitting in the parking lot awaiting modification and in the time being will act as a snow plow. Stay tuned kiddos!