Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow Nor Hail…

The weather has been crazy lately. One minute it is sunny, the next it is pouring down rain. In the past week we have gotten floods, hail, tornado watches and a couple of beautiful days. What is going on here?! The summer months are usually pretty good in the northeast for outdoor shooting, but we have had some bad luck recently.

A few weeks ago we had to postpone an on location video shoot in Maryland due to inclement weather. This was no fault on our behalf. The video was for a window installation company and it is standard practice not to install windows when it is raining in order to prevent damage to the customers home. DDA on the other hand is like the postal service. Thanks to a rain slick for our camera, we are able to film in virtually any weather condition, though sunny days are always preferred. For the most part, we have had good weather for our past on location shoots where outdoor shooting was necessary.

Obviously you can’t control the weather, and there are some situations that you just have to make the best of. DDA has always been good at that. Taking a not so ideal scenario and making it work is just something you have to learn to do.