New Projects In Bloom

We have been quite busy here at DDA Video. Over the past few days, we have been working on an animation for a client that will air on the QVC shopping network. The animation will demonstrate how their product works in a way that is difficult to show on live television. It is a tight deadline but that is no problem for our crew.

Along with that we have been in the final stages of the brand new DDA Medical website. The writers have been proofing the content and we have been working on fixing a few bugs that still remain. It shouldn’t be long before this groundbreaking site goes live.

Tonight we will be sending a crew out to Tampa, Florida who will set up a streaming medical video webcast for a medical company who wishes to broadcast a large meeting to an even larger audience. Our technology also allows us to simultaneously record the meeting in case they wish to use the footage for a CD-ROM, DVD or website.

Other projects in the works include a promotional video for a physical therapy chain as well as a website video for a well known hospital in New York. Spring has sprung and we have got a lot on our plate!