New Retail Website In the Works

It is Monday once again here at DDA Video and we have plenty going on here in the studio. A website we are designing for fine jewelry liquidation plans to go live by the end of the week so we are hard at work processing videos for each product. As you may remember, we shot some videos of rotating charms awhile back so we are using the same general method for rings and pendants. We have kicked it up a notch however, by adding digital photography and multiple angles to the mix. Some of these pieces are very expensive so it is important that the customer is able to see the true beauty of the product. The still image even features a ruler unique to each piece so the customer knows the exact dimensions of every item.

DDA CMT is progressing nicely, with the videos for general corporate training and general medical training nearing completion. These videos explain 2 very important areas of DDA CMT so I am glad that they are almost ready for the world to see. Like the CMT into video, they feature IS, played by Elliot and his faithful companion SEAL which Rob and Vinnie have animated in 3D. Keep your eyes peeled for the new videos!