New Software With Big Capabilities

Looks like we will be adding another piece of software to our arsenal. This time it is a program entitled “SynthEyes” developed by Andersson Technologies in Valley Forge (a stone’s throw from our studio!). SynthEyes is an incredibly smart program that allows the user to turn any piece of 2D video into a 3D environment. The user can then use that environment in Lightwave to incorporate 3D characters and structures whose perspective changes with the camera movement! When the video is imported into SynthEyes, the program creates a number of tracking points based on the movement and scale change of certain light and dark points. The user then manually draws a triangle at ground level with its peak towards the horizon. The program then analyzes this information and creates a camera path in 3D space. This will definitely add a whole new dimension (literally!) to our 3D projects. The first project using this technology is already in the works so keep a look out!