No, that’s not a new ride, it’s a dolly.

Right as we figured out how to assemble our crane another package arrived down here at the video studio. This time it was our dolly. This is another piece of equipment that you may find on any given Hollywood movie set and now you can find it at the DDA video studio. This dolly system puts the camera on a platform that runs on a curved track and allows the camera to move in 3d space around the subject smoothly and silently. Most of the time this will require two crew members to operate as one person actually sits on the moving platform and adjusts camera position and focus, while the other pushes the rider at the appropriate speed and distance. The whole set up only took about a half hour to assemble and we anxiously tested it out with the XL1. This is another piece of equipment that I cannot wait to use for it will add to the already professional look and feel of DDA’s video production projects. And like the crane, the dolly and track fit conveniently into two bags so we will be able to take it on location as well.