Portfolio Yo!

Things have finally slowed down a bit here at DDA Video. After a busy week last week meeting a tight deadline, it is nice to be able to step back and admire your work. It also gives us a chance to put our work on display so that others can admire it too. We do this by using the DDA Portfolio as well as The DDA Video Showcase. These two sites hold an impressive amount of content. While DDA Video is primarily video projects, the portfolio contains projects from all areas of DDA’s arsenal. Everything from website design, brochure design, catalog design, digital photography, copy writing, trade show graphics, 3d animation and of course video production. The sites are constantly updated, so there is always fresh content that displays the most cutting edge techniques used in the industry. We refer potential clients to these sites to give them an idea of the endless possibilities we offer so they can pinpoint just what it is they want. Having the visual aid is important since many of the projects can be difficult to describe. Some have to be seen to be believed!