Promotional DVD’s, Website Videos, and Commercials

Yesterday we completed the first of many chapters for a promotional DVD for a chain of physical therapy centers. The DVD combines on location footage of their facilities and staff, as well as spokesperson footage that was filmed in our studio. We also add in visual effects and animations to further captivate the viewer. The result is an eye catching, great looking presentation that effectively informs the viewer about the company and its services. With so many options available to consumers these days, it is important to have a tool that separates your message apart from the rest. The DVD can then be converted to be played on a website or cut down into a 30 second commercial to play on television. The possibilities are endless. Head on over to and check out the many projects that we have done for all sorts of clients. Then check out our Actor’s Network to watch videos of our many actors. Once you see what you like head on over to BYOV where you can customize a video that is right for you.